ETS was established in 1989 to provide Scaffolding, Formwork, Equipment Rental, Equipment Trading and Service Centre. Ever since entering the market, we have been growing in the sector due to our prior commitment in providing our clients a fast, stable and reliable service.

ETS has been successful in providing outstanding performance far exceeding the expectations of our clients. Owing to our state-of-art technology and exceptional know-how our clients rely on us more as a Solution Provider than mere supplier of physical services.

ETS has a wide network of customers spreading across the entire Middle East region and is constantly updating our business and technical services. We are committed to introduce many more progressive and innovative products for the convenience of our customers.

“We Strive to become the market leader by offering World class support solutions. Our customers benefit from our innovative, incomparable services, along with the highest standards of Quality and Safety.”

Khalaf Abdelrahman Bukhatir

Managing Director


Our Team

Cameron Ellis

Divisional Manager

Pathuvai Mathiyas

Manager – Scaffolding & Formwork

Karakattil Thomas

Manager – Plant Hire

Radhakrishnan  Nair

Manager – Procurement & Logistics

Taher Nagpurwala

Manager – Finance 

Ready To Start New Project

We are a one-stop Total Solutions Provider for any and every type of high-performance Scaffolding & Formwork, and Construction related Equipment Rental needs