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Our Services - Emirates Technical Services

Our Services

Scaffolding and Formwork


ETS is one of the region’s leading and most respected Scaffold and Formwork suppliers. ETS provides all your Scaffolding & Formwork solutions on a Contracts, Hire and Sales basis.

Our Municipality approved Engineering team offers full Scaffold & Formworks design solutions and calculations. All Scaffold inspections are carried out by British Standard approved Inspectors as part of our extensive Customer Service and Quality Control.

Main sectors served  Construction, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Retail / Residential & Events sectors.

Our prime Scaffolding System used is Cuplock

A versatile and durable Scaffolding system that uses rotating metal cups to connect components together.

As with many Scaffold Systems Cuplock is an easier, simplier and more cost effective alternative to traditional tubes and fittings.


Tube and Fitting Scaffolding

A traditional temporary Scaffold structure erected using coupler fittings connected to metal tubes. This type of Scaffold is generally used where unlimited versatility is required allowing even the most inaccessible areas to be covered.

H20 Flex System

The most easy and flexible formwork system for all types of slabs, consisting of tubular steel props, tripod stands, fork heads, H20 timber beams and shuttering panels.This system can be used for a clear height up to 5.90 mtr.

Primarily used for decking areas around lift shafts stair cases and villa projects can be utilised as manually handled slab formwork, the system is fully crane independent.

H20 Wall System

ETS offers a variety of systems to enable you to choose the most economical solution that suits your requirements.

Simple planning, fast and economical shuttering sequence. H20 formwork is used to assemble any size panel for any particular project.

The following parameters can be easily selected.

  • Type and size of the form lining. 
  • Form lining fixing 
  • Height and width of panel. 
  • Position, extension or reduction in height 
  • Spacing and length. 
  • Section, position or length of walers. 
  • Permissible fresh concrete pressure. 
  • Horizontal and vertical tie spacing 

Our Service Centre


ETS Service Centre is one stop solution provider for all your Electrical Motors, Alternators, Generators Rewinding, Overhauling and Testing.

With our experienced personnel and state of the art technology the service centre provides Repair and Maintenance services for critical equipment that ensures the day to day success of the World's most demanding business sectors. Servicing & rewinding of electric motors, alternators - up to 15MW, AC & DC machines in HT and LT. Servicing tranformers up to 10 MVA. High quality in house testing facility. Capacity to manufacture and test of HT coils for machines. Dynamic balancing of rotating euipment 2.5 grade. Vibration analysis and condition of monitoring of euipment.


Coil Section

The ETS Service Centre has an in-house, resin rich coil manufacturing facility spread over 100 sq.m. The facility is enclosed, dust proof and air-conditioned and is capable of rewinding coils to the following specifications:

  • Alternators/Generators up to 100 MW
  • Armature winding and stator core rebuilds.
  • Varnishing & Insulation Strengthening.

Mechanical Services

  • Load test of diesel generators
  • Dynamic balancing of rotors and turbines to G 2.5 grade
  • Vibration analysis and condition monitoring of rotating machines
  • Repair and reconditioning of rotor shafts, bearing steps, bearing journals, housing end shields, slip rings and more.
  • Press-out and press-in of shafts with up to 300 tons of pressure
  • Replacement of worn out coupling

Testing Facility

  • Load test for motors and alternators
  • No Load Run test for motors and alternators
  • Core Eddy Current test
  • Step Voltage test
  • Inter Turn Insulation test (surge comparison)
  • Tan Delta test
  • Controlled Overvoltage test
  • Polarization Index test(PI)
  • Insulation Resistance test
  • Winding Resistance test
  • Visual inspection


Stator Coils
Manufacturing and supplying of multi turns transposed/non-transposed diamond-type pulled stator coils for generators and motors.

Stator Winding

  • Rewinding the entire stator with new coils to class 'F' and class 'H' level of insulation
  • Re-insulating the stator coils to class 'F' and 'H' insulation
Stator Core
  • Replacement of complete stator core pack or damaged stamping with new, suitable grade core material
  • Re-varnishing and restacking of damaged laminated core
  • Replacing the rotor bars in gauge rotors with new bars of identical shape and size
  • Rewinding and repairing of both salient type (pole brick winding can be done up to 710 frames) and smooth cylindrical type rotors.
  • Replacement of rotor stampings
  • Repair and replacement of slip rings
  • Rewinding and repair of transformers up to 10 MVA.


DC Machines

  • Solid/laminated yoke field assembly:
    Rewinding and up-rating the capacity and upgrading
  • Insulation to class 'F' and 'H'
  • Repair of commutators and mica undercutting
  • Replacement of carbon brushes

On-Site Services

ETS has a relaible team of trained engineers and technicians that is ready to carry out work at your site. Our on-site services include:

  • Conducting residual life assessment(RLA) tests on rotating machines
  • Dismantling machines
  • Removing damaged stator coils from the stator core for the MW series.
  • Installation of new stator coils, suppllied by us or the client, in the core pack
  • Removal of pole coils
  • Re-fixing new pole coils supplied by us or the client
  • Re-erecting and aligning the machine.
  • Balancing
  • Commissioning and testing

Plant Hire


ETS comprises of a large fleet of latest Equipments like:

  • Diesel Generators (18 Kva to 2,000 Kva)
  • Diesel Compressors (180 Cfm to 950 Cfm)
  • Welding Generators …up to 600 Amps.
  • Lighting Towers
  • Jack Hammers
  • Compactors
  • Dewatering Equipments
Our Business focuses on the rental needs of a wide range of industries including Construction, Oil & Gas, Events, Industrial and Facilities Management. It carters services to the entire UAE market, which contributes towards success of number of Major landmark projects in the region.

We have the team of experienced & trained Engineers and Technicians to meet challenging Emergency requirements of our valued & potential customers. Providing 24 x 7 – Operators on Site.

ETS – Services includes Engine Overhauling, Fuel Pumps Repair, Radiator Repair and Annual Maintenances & Services… Etc… Provides repair and maintenance services for critical equipment that ensures the day to day success of the World’s most demanding Business Sectors.